The Rip Van Winkle Experiment

Some time ago I promised to report out on my high school reunion [‘Time Machine’ below].  Sadly, it’s taken me this long to recover. I’m kidding.  Sort of. I’m not sure what I expected, having been gone so long.  A band?  The Welcome Wagon?  Headlines?  ‘PRODIGAL SON RETURNS.’   ‘MYSTERY SOLVED: CONNECTICUT MAN REAPPEARS AFTER 40-YEAR…Read more »

On the Frontier

Tianshan Road in PingZhuang, Chifeng Prefecture, Inner Mongolia, is a long way from the familiar – a frontier, on levels too numerous to mention.  But if you squint a little through the hard March light, what comes to mind is a mid-sized city in western Pennsylvania, complete with graying piles of leftover snow and the…Read more »

Time Machine

Cadillac ran a great ad on TV not long ago. Some white-toothed, studley guy zips around joyfully in a silvery, leather-rich Caddy, smug as can be. Things are obviously good. Very good. Then comes the pay-off line: “Life,” the narrator intones, “is just high school with money.” No kidding. And because I’m headed to my…Read more »