The Rip Van Winkle Experiment

Some time ago I promised to report out on my high school reunion [‘Time Machine’ below].  Sadly, it’s taken me this long to recover. I’m kidding.  Sort of. I’m not sure what I expected, having been gone so long.  A band?  The Welcome Wagon?  Headlines?  ‘PRODIGAL SON RETURNS.’   ‘MYSTERY SOLVED: CONNECTICUT MAN REAPPEARS AFTER 40-YEAR…Read more »

On the Frontier

Tianshan Road in PingZhuang, Chifeng Prefecture, Inner Mongolia, is a long way from the familiar – a frontier, on levels too numerous to mention.  But if you squint a little through the hard March light, what comes to mind is a mid-sized city in western Pennsylvania, complete with graying piles of leftover snow and the…Read more »

Time Machine

Cadillac ran a great ad on TV not long ago. Some white-toothed, studley guy zips around joyfully in a silvery, leather-rich Caddy, smug as can be. Things are obviously good. Very good. Then comes the pay-off line: “Life,” the narrator intones, “is just high school with money.” No kidding. And because I’m headed to my…Read more »

Memo from Manaus

“I went swimming yesterday in the Amazon.  It was pretty cool.” I fired off that brief email to my little sister on Friday afternoon while waiting for the TAM flight from Manaus to Miami.  In addition to being gloriously supportive of her brother, she’s got a fine appreciation for the exotic. Rightly so.  For a…Read more »